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Celebrate Birthdays at Oakleaf Club

Bring your friends with you and celebrate your birthday party
(one who has a birthday will get a gift from the club).

Seniors Special

Seniors also can relax and socialize and save 25 % from Monday thru Thursday.


Enjoy Banya — Russian sauna in Calgary


Folks say: "You do not grow old on that

                   day when you steam in Banya"


Experience the European Club "OAK LEAF"  which is a unique sauna club in Calgary, Canada. We are pleased to present both Russian and Scandinavian culture through this social recreational facility which is currently the only such club in Western Canada.

European sauna in Calgary offers famous Russian Banya — wet sauna with cedar wall siding and healthy aromatherapy featuring oak or birch leaves, oak & birch venik massage within the wet sauna.

Next experience is "ice hole", whirlpool, “beach pebbles” for foot acupuncture and complete your experience in our cozy resting area themed with the style of a hunting house, with food and kvas (ancient Slavic drink). Challenge yourself to chess games or complete your visit with an appointment with one of our Registered Massage Therapists or Aestheticians.

Our Banya or russian sauna experience is geared to provide relief for patients who have suffered car accidents with neck and lower back pain or from degenerative joint disease. A massage with venik inside the steam room is a recognised powerful physiotherapy which is effective and natural. Only at our facility you will experience an ancient and effective time-proven method of nursing of your painful joints. We also encourage you to follow up with a massage from one of our Registered Massage Therapists (RMT).

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