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Our Team

Dr. Igor Voropanov PhD, MD

Dr. Igor Voropanov PhD, MD

Assistant Professor
Director of "Oak Leaf" Club

From 1980 till 1999 Igor worked as a General Surgeon and served for the Soviet (later for Russian) Navy. He completed his doctor’s career as Assistant Professor of the Surgery Department of the Military Medical Academy in Saint Petersburg and Colonel of the Medical Service of the Russian Navy.

From his childhood Igor enjoyed Banya and as a doctor he knows and understands in details the health benefits of Banya and that is why he influenced and suggested to have Banya as a regular hobby to his friends, wife and son.

For a long period of time Igor had a dream to open a Russian Banya club in Calgary and to enrich the multicultural population of the city with the piece of historical and traditional Russian culture.

Tatiana Voropanova

Registered Massage Therapist/Aesthetician

Tatiana has a great experience in the personal cosmetic client service and was educated at first in Europe and later in Canada.

In 2003 Tatiana graduated from Toronto Aesthetics School and after that worked in many spas across Canada. She likes her job and patients like her as well.

Tatiana enjoys with Russian Banya and it is her regular hobby for a long time.

Dmitri Voropanov


Dmitri is a full time student of University of Calgary (International Relations Program) and a part time Administrator of 'Oak Leaf" club.

Dmitri likes soccer, European culture and Russian Banya. He helps parents to run the business.