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Rules inside BanyaRules inside Banya

If you have a history of high or low blood pressure, asthma, neoplasm, heart conditions or you are pregnant, please consult your physician prior to use of steam room. Please refrain from visiting Banya in case you have any types of skin rash.

In case it is your first visit to Banya please take a shower and wash your body with warm water before entering the steam room.

Put shapka on your head because the temperature inside Banya is pretty high (could be 80 -90 degree C) and shapka will protect your head from overheating.

It is up to your comfort whether you will be nude or will wear the swimming clothes inside the steam room (people in Russia, Finland and Germany usually go inside Banya naked and it helps to expose all parts of your body to steam, also it allows to have a total and effective body massage with venik).

Wooden bench could be too hot to sit on it so you are recommended to cover the bench with the mat and after that to sit on the mat.

It is wise that for the first time you enter the steam room you would sit there only 2 – 3 minutes and would adapt your body to the steam. After that leave the steam room and cool off yourself in the resting room. A little bit later come inside the steam room again and at that time you are ready for the massage with venik.

Venik could be too hot so put on gloves and protect your hands. Try at first only strokes with venik along your body. Later on you can do a gentle slapping with venik and massage your feet, shoulders, back and muscles. The best way to get a massage with venik in case somebody will provide it for you (please ask your friend or our staff and we will be happy to help you).

After massage with venik you can leave the steam room and cool off for a moment in the Polar plunge and come back again inside the steam room. The change of the temperature is healthy for your skin and body because it provides better elasticity for your vessels and skin (anti-aging phenomena) and makes your immune system stronger.

During the session you can visit the steam room 3 – 5 times (up to your comfort) and between visiting it is better to wrap yourself with a large towel or put on a bathrobe and to have a rest in relaxation room. Please drink some water which will be provided free for you.

Of course due to the age and health condition different people will tolerate steam differently. Do not push yourself to be in the steam room longer than you need, use it accordingly to your comfort. In case it is too hot for you to sit on the top bench you can go down and take a sit or lay down on the lower bench.

People in Russia have an old and polite custom: after visiting the steam room they use to say to each other: "Have a light steam". It’s mean that somebody wishing to you a pleasant steam which will be healthy for your mind and body.